The Secret to Designing Faith Based Patterns

The Secret to Designing Faith Based Patterns

Have you ever wondered how you can improve or how to get started designing surface pattern designs? At Kia + Kyle, we’re so excited to be back on the blog sharing our gifts and tips that have helped us along the way. 

Here are three quick tips that can help guide you along the way.

Draw & Play with Motifs 

Brainstorm the elements you desire to draw in your theme. To ensure the motifs work well together, select ones that are paired together like a flower and plant or a sky and a sun. At Kyle + Kia we like to sketch out our motifs before bringing them to life digitally. Over coffee and tea, we like to discuss each motif and how they can best compliment each other for best results. After we choose the best motifs to represent a collection, we then begin to kick-start the digital process.

Tone & Feeling Through Patterns

What emotions or story do you want to convey to your audience? At Kia + Kyle, we want you to feel hopeful and empowered. We also invite you to elicit emotion in your design. We convey this idea in our upcoming kids collection to create a sense of adventure and storytelling. 

Define Your Audience

Always consider who you are designing for. This will help you identify and target your ideal customer. You’ll gain clarity through this process and you'll create a mood board that truly defines the style and theme of your design. One of our places to collect inspiration for a digital mood board is on Pinterest. With endless pinspiration you can never go wrong with this great tool and resource. Using some of our favorite pattern design tips in the comfort of your personalized space, you’ll develop fun pattern-making solutions and design for your audience.

For more, designed by faith inspiration, visit their Instagram page @kiaandkyle. They would love to hear from you!