How Kia + Kyle Started Designing Faith Patterns

How Kia + Kyle Started Designing Faith Patterns

An impressive achievement on it’s own, Kia + Kyle successfully launched in 2022. A dream that’s been in the making for more than three years, they are finally excited to share their journey and fill a void in the surface pattern market that's been missing for decades.

In a search for faith based patterns and designs that were rooted in African American culture, Kia + Kyle couldn’t find what they were working for in store or online. That's when the fabric and surface pattern was created.

Kia said, “The process was frustrating because I couldn’t find a fresh spin on patterns in this category. I told Kyle we need to fill the void, with the skill sets that we have instead of waiting and hoping that the perfect pattern would come along some day.”

Kyle believed in the concept that organically cultivated and the mission design by faith was born.

But what comes easy to Kia + Kyle doesn't come easy to everyone.

After decades of designing and consulting with business, Kia + Kyle mastered their skill sets and learned business best practices along the way. They saved their money and sacrificed wants over needs to have more time for the business. 

“In 2015 I started my own marketing business with the dream of collaborating with a partner that cared about culture design and surface patterns as much as I did. I’m truly thankful that God brought Kyle into my life because we’ve been able to support one another to fill a void of representation that is needed in the pattern market. We want to see inclusivity in the pattern market and most of all we want our voices to be heard for the next generation.”

With two, possibly three collections in the making for this year, this Arizona based team is just getting started. A super-goal oriented team enriched in tradition, Kia + Kyle are blessed to see the fruits of their labor come to life during the pandemic. 

This mission driven team rooted in purpose is excited for what’s next. They are putting people first and they’re truly honored to provide quality pattern design and legacy through their African American voices and visual lens.

For more, designed by faith inspiration, visit their Instagram page @kiaandkyle. They would love to hear from you!